Different Types and Styles of Hats throughout History


Over the years, there have been many a type and style of hats come and go. According to the current fashion trends, people are adorned with caps that suit their personality to further their integrity and charm that comes with wearing specific types of caps. These caps and hats can be categorised into different aspects, which include religious caps, military headgear, ceremonial and social cps as well. These tend to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and most importantly varying prices. Some of these, us commoners will not be able to afford, since most are catered towards royalty and the affluent. Read on to find out the different types of hats you can get your hands.


Image Source – Pixabay

Newsboy Caps

These types of caps were originally adorned on top of women’s head during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Similar to other fashion trends, these types of caps also have now made a comeback into the limelight. This type of cap does not only come in a particular colour, where they come in various colours and patterns to choose from. The newsboy cap is considered to be extremely chic and is quite a favourite amongst the youngest who like to stay in true tone with the current fashion trends. There is no specific occasion for which you could wear this cap. As easy as it conforms to the perfect accessory when worn for either a casual or dressy event.


Baseball Caps

These types of caps are an extreme favourite among Americans. The Americans love baseball, and inherently enough they also have immense love for their caps. When these caps were first introduced, the sole purpose of it was to provide the baseball players eyes from any sunlight during play. This unknowingly transformed into a major phenomenon where people were not only purchasing caps for protection from the sun but was buying them in order to make a fashion statement or an association to a particular brand or team. Baseball caps are usually not worn for dressy function and is accepted to be during casual outings.


Ascot Cap

These caps are all the rage during ascot times. All women are adorned in different styles of caps to be able to make their own statement and make their mark in among the other considerable fashionable peers. Most ascots, ever so recently have become less about the races and more about what people where. This is why all the aristocrats and the middle class spend a hefty amount of money to put their best foot forward. Caps are specifically made in various different shapes and colours to match the outfit and usually stored in hat boxes to keep them from getting wrinkled and crumpled up.

The different types of hats do not stop there but go on and on, with the various types of characteristics each type invariably holds. Some types of hats are not in use and can be labelled as out of fashion. This cannot be said as some other types of caps which were used tens of years ago, can be seen making a comeback to shake up the fashion industry by storm.