Tips for Welcoming Business Partners in Sydney

If business partners are coming to visit, you need to make all the necessary preparations to welcome them to your office and the new city. Of course, in a city like Sydney, it’s not hard to impress business partners flying in from anywhere in the world. Here are several tips on how to welcome and accommodate non-local business partners coming to visit:

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Arrange Transportation

First of all, you need to arrange proper transportation for the partners to get about in the city. Transportation must be provided for foreign business partners who will be very much unfamiliar with their surroundings. It’s best to arrange a local car even for partners who are flying in from out of state. There’s no need to provide transportation for business partners who might drive from a nearby city. However, it will be helpful to provide them with a guide if necessary. Make sure to arrange a local car service for airport pickup. If possible, extend the car hire so your important business partners don’t have to bother with calling a cab.

Go Out for Dining

When the business partners arrive, it’s important to wine and dine them and make them feel welcome. Its customary practise and some clients may even feel offended if you don’t take them out to dinner at least once. Find out the best restaurants Sydney to take your business partners to. Some cater exclusively to business clients. Don’t take your partners just anywhere. Make sure the atmosphere and the setting of the restaurant is appropriate to welcome business clients. Also, if a foreign client is flying in, don’t take them to a restaurant serving their native cuisine. Foreigners will want to taste Australian cuisine, not the same food they can eat back home.

Take Them on a City Tour

Don’t make the visit all about business. Make your clients feel relaxed by taking them on a city tour to show all the iconic attractions of Sydney, like the Harbor Bridge, opera house and Sydney Tower. If the client has visited these places before, you should do a new itinerary to show them places they have not been to before. Sydney has plenty of attractions to show off on multiple visits. You can send an aide or a guide to accompany your clients.

Let Them Spend Some Time on Their Own

Your business partners might want to spend some time on their own without someone from the office always butting in. Business travellers usually want to tour around and shop before leaving. For these visits, you can provide transportation. Ask if a guide is needed and only provide one if requested. Otherwise, leave the partner to be on his or her own during certain hours of the day.

Offer 24/7 Assistance

Make sure you can always communicate with your visiting client. Also ensure that the client can get in touch with you or your office anytime he or she needs. Being in a new city can be intimating for some. Designate a person at your office as the contact for the visiting partner during the wee hours.
Do all of the above to make your business partner feeling welcome and at home.