5 Anti-Aging Skin-Care Ingredients Every Woman Should Use

According to Transparency Market Research, the anti-aging beauty industry has an average annual growth of 7.8% and is expected to be worth 191.7 billion by 2019. With an industry projected to grow that huge, it is no surprise that “snake oil” type products have permeated the market like the plague. With all these different types of anti-aging claims and promises, how do you know which products are the real deal?

The best way to make a decision when you are confronted with an array of options is to do your research. Look up reviews online and you will find that a majority of these products are bogus and not worth the money. To give you a hand below are some of the most effective and research backed anti-aging ingredients on the market.

1 – Niacinamide

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid is a potent anti-aging ingredient. This vitamin increases the ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the skin, which promotes microcirculation in the skin and prevents the skin from losing water content. It also has a growing reputation for being able to prevent acne and being able to deal with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. What’s more, this vitamin is stable in the presence of light, making it an ideal ingredient for day moisturizers.

2 – Retinol

Retinol, without a doubt, is the best anti-aging product. Not only is this product a personal favorite among dermatologists, but it is also the MOST research backed product on this list. This vitamin A derivative is a much milder version of retinoids, which are only prescription wrinkle-fighters, making it the most effective over the counter anti-aging ingredient. Retinol may induce skin regeneration, smooth wrinkles and unclog pores making it ideal for both acne-prone and aging skin.

Using retinol, however, can have its drawbacks. Retinol can be irritating, especially for those who are using it for the first time. When this happens, decrease your use from every night to every other night until you can tolerate using it regularly. Retinol is also quite sensitive to the light, so you can only use it at night and you must use sunscreen in the morning to prevent irritation.

3 – Hyaluronic Acid

Despite its chemical classification, hyaluronic acid is one of the mildest and most effective moisturizing ingredients on the market. The molecule can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water making it quite an effective humectant (a compound that attracts water from the air, drawing it toward the skin).

Keeping skin adequately hydrated can be a huge problem for aging skin. As we age, sebum production slows, stripping the skin of much-needed moisture. When this happens, skin can become dry and even irritated. Dry skin can also exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

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4 – Vitamin C

Most people will only associate Vitamin C with keep colds and cough at bay but did you know that vitamin C could be a potent ingredient in slowing down skin aging. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, which means that it protects the body, including your skin, from damaging free radicals. This includes free radicals brought about by sun damage, drinking and smoking. Vitamin C is also an ESSENTIAL precursor for collagen production. With an emphasis on essential, because the body cannot create this vitamin so if we don’t ingest enough vitamin C from our diets, the body literally cannot create collagen, a protein that is responsible for keeping skin young and plump.

5 – Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Prevention is better than cure, and this age-old adage cannot be more applicable to anti-aging. Sure we can REDUCE the signs of aging, but no superpower in the world can make you look 25 years old forever.

That being said, using Alpha Hydroxy Acids as early as you can is about as close as we can get to the fountain of youth. AHAs are gentle acids that can help to exfoliate your skin gently. Alpha Hydroxy Acids can gently dissolve the “glue” that holds surface skin cells together making it easier for your dead skin cells to slough off. This action not only increases skin renewal, but it also makes it easier for your moisturizers and products to penetrate the skin at deeper levels, making them more effective. Firmalogic, a product that also claims to deal with symptoms of skin aging can also be made more effective by using it with AHAs. To be sure, however, it is best to seek your dermatologist’s advice with regards to mixing treatments together.


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