Choose the Right Rug Shape and Size for Your Space

The interior décor of any space, be it your home or office is what contributes to its overall ambience. Naturally, this changes from person to person so no two spaces are often the same. Personalisation is of course key, and there are so many ways to do this. From the type and colour of the paints you choose to artwork and technology included, preferences can vary widely. However, it is always the little details that often make a significant different whether or not you are aware of it. And one such seemingly insignificant details, is the type of rugs you choose to include… if any. Actually you should, mainly because they help trap dust and dirt and keep your room clean. Choosing one that fits your space is not exactly rocket-science, but is most certainly an acquired art.

Image Source:pexels

Size of the Room

Obviously, this would be the first thing to consider seeing as how it would be quite pointless to lug a massive rug back home only to find out it does not fit anywhere. On the other hand, you could just as easily end up with something too small which is also not ideal. So really measure the size of the room. You would know whether it is big, small or large overall, but by having proper measurements, you will be able to have an accurate impression.

Shape of the Room

Sensing a pattern here? The size and shape of your room affects the size and shape of your rug. If you are a lover of abstract interiors, then by all means play around with different options and fit a square rug in a circular space or vice versa. Or go for something completely uncommon such as Turkish towels which though popular amongst those who know what they are, are still an enigma in their own right. Rugs come in all sorts of patterns and sizes, and some of them are not even rugs at all.


The shape and size of the room is not really enough. You have to consider where in the room you will be placing your rug. This will further affect the size and shape you should go for. Bay windows for instance are incredibly popular these days, and people like to set up this area to be a comfort zone. Hence, they tend to go for round rugs since they fit neatly into the naturally created spot. You want to avoid placing rugs in places like the kitchen since it is simply not practical. You do have to think about functionality at the end of the day as much as aesthetics.

Shop Around

When you shop around for rugs, do not restrict yourself to the word ‘rug’. As mentioned, many different alternatives can pass off as rugs so it depends on how adventurous you are. Browsing through several options also gives you the chance to see how much they cost and what works with your budget. There are plenty ranging in pricing so you will most definitely find something, you just need to look hard enough!