Designing a Country Kitchen


Country kitchens are warm, welcoming and simple. They should provide a feeling of family and comfort. The kitchen is, after all, the heart of the home where your family and friends will gather around for a meal. Here are some suggestionsto help youdesigna charming country kitchen.

Image Source: Pixabay

Country Styles

If this style inspires you, don’t hesitate to dive into it by doing some research. You could look through photos of country kitchens to pick a look you like, or go back to your roots and revisit your grandma’s farmhouse kitchen. A few styles to consider include cottage, farmhouse, garden, English country and French country. You needn’t design your kitchen to look completely rural and rustic if you don’t want to. Instead, incorporate a few striking country elements into it.

Weathered Accents

Your kitchen should be cheerful and airy, so make sure there is enough natural light. If you want your kitchen to look brighter, consider painting your furniture and cabinets in white. The ideal country kitchen should have weathered finishes, rural touches, plank or brick floors, wooden furniture and accessories including farm implements and farm imagery. Look around in stores which sell salvaged and reclaimed materials. You might make a wonderful find.


Choose antique furniture, cabinets and cupboards with a weathered look. You could even look around for cabinets and shelves from original country homes for an authentic feel. If you want to mimic the look of country furnishings, consider having some custom made, or browse through flat pack kitchens.If you prefer a burst of colour in your kitchen, you could paint or look around for cupboards and cabinets in bright cheery colours, such as yellow or green. You can also find some with cute motifs on them, such as birds or flowers. As for countertops, butcher blocks have the best look. Or else, opt for granite in earthy tones or soapstone, which will provide an organic look as well.


Metals can help balance out the rustic look and provide a more contemporary flavour to your kitchen. Zinc countertops and tabletops can soften a weathered wooden counter or table. You could also use metals in the shape of kitchen chairs and light fixtures. Consider wrought iron, hammered copper and antique bronze.

AccessorizeWith Used Materials

Rustic-looking kitchen implements should blend in nicely with your decor. Open shelving, racks and baskets could be used for storage. Consider getting a handy industrial pot rack to hang your pots and pans too. Visit flea markets and yard sales to search for materials and accessories for your kitchen. Pick up used goods such as bins, buckets and milk pitchers that you could work your magic on and use as decor. This way, you could save on spending as well. Reclaimedantique tiles with colourful patterns and motifs could look great on your wall and brighten up your kitchen. You don’t need to shop for a new sink either, consider getting a used farm sink instead.

Decorating a country style kitchen is thus an easy and cost-effective endeavour.