Unique Gift Ideas for a Small Apartment Dweller

To find a comfortable shelter in a crowded city is the toughest job one faces. Definitely, a new job makes you happy, but the next thought comes instantly in your mind, is ‘where to stay!’ Even after getting a single room flat on rent, you cannot feel satisfied, as then you are thinking of furniture that can fit into space! When the space of your home is at a premium, the words are obvious to ring your mind are ‘less is more’!

If space is less, you should think of efficient solutions so that your needs get served as well as you make sufficient vacant spaces in the house. I have come up with some excellent ideas those are easily available online for buying. So either you are buying them for yourself, or want to send gifts to Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, Germany or anywhere else in the world, you can order easily.

1. Hanging terrarium

Hanging terrarium

This is a terrible idea for home décor, especially when you lack in space. If you have a hobby of putting green plants inside your room, you can go for a hanging terrarium. It will not reserve the places on the cupboard or tables in the room. Put it anywhere hanging in the room and it will only glorify the décor.

2. Bird feeder

Bird feeder

Love wildlife? Want to get some of them at your home? If you have a small balcony area, it can work! Yes, take advantage of the balcony space or patio and invite some wildlife there with a bird feeder. You can easily find it online and it will not capture a lot of areas.

3. Small tabletop fireplace

Small tabletop fireplace

This is an excellent idea for decorating the surroundings of your fireplace. Indulge some fireside fantasies with a small tabletop fireplace. It’s a gorgeous idea for gifting someone too.

4. Compact box

This is a fabulous gift idea for those who loves music. Even you can create your own home theater with this all in one compact box. It contains wireless speaker that is combined with woofers and tweeters. So, get some space without wires.

5. Convex mirror

Yes, you read it right. If you want to make your small space full of light and want to give it a large look, you can put a convex mirror in your room or in the living area. A convex mirror is able to make a small space seem larger!

6. Designer coffeemaker

You can find online some designer coffee maker that you can put even in your bedroom instead of the kitchen. Yes, these coffee makers can easily make 3 cups of instant coffee and are designed with some beautiful paintings. Therefore, this makes them two in one item for gift décor too.

7. Potted plants

This is another healthy way for gifting ideas on small space décor. There are various decorated flower vases you can buy and put anywhere at the corner shelves. Go for natural or artificial flowers according to your choice. And the best part is, you can make the flower delivery in Singapore, India, Japan, Australia or anywhere else, the online merchants will look after it.

All the above-discussed items are easily available online so that you can deliver them anywhere you want. Trust me, they are super affordable too.