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Little-Known Facts about Bike Riding Newbies Should Know

Are you a motorbike riding enthusiast? Then there will be certain facts about riding that you might want to learn about before it’s too late. Read ahead to find out what these are:

motorbike helmets
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Riding a Bike Can be Bad for Your Hearing

That’s right. When you ride a bike, part of the thrill is hearing the wind whoosh past your ears. While that’s fun temporarily, it can actually hurt your hearing. In addition the wind, bike riders get a firsthand earful of all the loud noises on the road. The screeches of tires, the loud honking—you know, all the noises you are spared when you ride inside a car. You will need to protect your ears with earplugs or earmuffs when you ride. Otherwise, you could experience irreversible hearing loss.

Used Helmets are Bad

Helmets are very important to guaranteeing safety while you ride. However, did you know that buying used helmets is bad? Cyclists may find this surprising. In fact, bike riders are heavily discouraged from wearing second-hand motorbike helmets. These can have worn out padding or scalp conditions affecting the previous owner. So, if you are thinking about buying a helmet second-hand forget about it. Don’t borrow from friend either. You need to buy one new.

You are Automatically Part of the Biker Club

There are no official signup forms for joining the biker club. Once you have a bike and a license to ride, you are part of this exclusive group. Bikers may signal one another on the road, because you are so much cooler than the car drivers. It can all be confusing at first, but you will soon be happy that you are part of this amazing group.

Forget Keeping Clothes Clean

Riding a bike is a very dirty business. Your pants seams will get dirty like the road you are riding on. When you speed against the wind, your clothes and hair will catch dust and debris unlike any other type of transportation. But it’s part of the appeal. Buy separate riding apparel to keep your nice denims and tees clean. Always wear riding jackets and plants over your clothes to keep them clean. Take extra precautions on rainy days.

Ride with the Face Shield Down to Save Face Skin

If you ride without the face shield of your helmet down, expect serious facial conditions like excessive oiliness, dryness or peeling because of the wind friction. You may want to use moisturiser and sunscreen if you are riding with the face shield down. It’s best to keep the face shield down to protect your face and eyes against the wind, dust and pollution.

Bike Mirrors Don’t Turn

One of the annoying facts about bikes is that the side mirrors don’t turn as easily as car mirrors. If you need to adjust the mirrors, you have to do it using a wrench before you leave the house. There is no such thing as adjusting the mirrors as you ride. You could endanger your life if you try that.

Riding a bike is fun, even with all of the quirky little featured mentioned above.

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