Tips of Preventing Hair Loss from Using a Motorcycle Helmet

There are very many things that can make a person bald. Though riding motorcycles looks very cool, you could end up with a bald head if you are not careful. However, if you do everything that is necessary when riding, you will not have to worry about anything.


Losing hair can be a very hard thing that is brought about by several different things. If you love riding your bike, you should know that always having your helmet on might lead to your hair thinning. However, how you wear your helmet will matter a lot when it comes to hair loss. You will need to find a way using helmets for protection without compromising your hairline. There are actually several ways that you can lose your hair if you are fond of using motorcycle helmets. Other than wearing your helmet tight, you need to be careful of foam liners made from polysurene that are placed inside the helmet. The polysurene takes up all the moisture and oil from your hair thus leaving it dry and falling off. Here are some tips of ensuring that you hair is safe even when you use your helmet:

  • Fitting Helmet

Using motorcycle helmets that are tight on your head can lead to loss of hair. Therefore, you need to invest in a helmet that fits you slightly snuggly. This will ensure that it fits you right but still has some room to allow your hair to breathe. When you wear a tight helmet, the inner padding of your helmet tends to absorb the oils from your hair thus leaving it dry. If your hair is always dry without any oils as a result of the absorption by the foam liner of your helmet, it will eventually start to die.

Since the foam/padding is designed to absorb moisture, you should find a way of keeping it away from your hair. You should also be keen when you are removing your helmet. There are times when your hair will get trapped in the straps of your helmet and you could end up tugging them off.

  • Moisturizing Your Hair

If you like wearing motorcycle helmets frequently when riding your motorcycle, you need to watch out for your hair –unless of course you are already bald. A great way of ensuring that your hair never really gets dry when you are wearing your helmet is by moisturizing it. Look for a good leave-in moisturizer that does not contain any harmful looking chemicals and use it. You will need to massage the moisturizer into your hair and scalp properly.

  • Preventing the Absorption

Even with added moisturizers, the moisture absorption foam liner incorporate into motorcycle helmets could still absorb your hairs’ natural oils. Once you are done moisturizing, you should use a proper and clean scarf or a helmet liner. Cover your hair to ensure that it remains well moist and your natural oils remain trapped in your hair. Natural oils are very important in ensuring that your hair looks lush and that it grows as it should.

No matter how old one is, no one likes losing their hair and eventually going bald. When it comes to purchasing motorcycle helmets, you should always make sure that you do not lose sight of what really matters. There are many cases of people who end up with helmets that are not fitting them properly just because they were more focused on the design and how well it can protect them from crashes.

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