5 Benefits of Emergency Carpet Drying Services

When a heavy storm or a burst pipe leads to flooding in the home, practical steps must be taken to dry all carpeting in flooded areas. There are many benefits of seeking assistance from a professional emergency carpet drying team as soon as possible, helping to prevent odors, mold growth, foundation damage and pests.

Minimise Odours

Odours can develop fast when dirt particles mix with water and cause flooding, with the contaminated water soaking into the fibres of a carpet. When a carpet dries the traditional way, this odour is allowed to seep deeper into the carpet and the process of eliminating it becomes much more challenging.

The only way to keep carpets fresh and odour-free following a flood is by extracting the contaminated water quickly. You can achieve great results if you hire professionals to dry your carpets, as these emergency carpet drying teams have access to powerful tools that can effectively dry the upper and lower layers of carpets.

Prevent Mould Growth

Mould is a problem that can affect carpets and the timber underneath when water dries slowly. There are many different kinds of mould that can grow, with some species causing unique health problems that can lead to respiratory issues. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find mould growth until it’s too late, as the spores can develop on the lower portion of a carpet. If mould begins to grow underneath your carpet, you won’t be able to find the source unless you lift and remove the carpet material.

Since mould grows slowly in a damp or wet environment, you can easily prevent mould growth by working with an emergency carpet drying team immediately after the flooding has occurred. Carpet drying professionals can act promptly during emergency situations in order to prevent mould from developing.

Improve Air Quality

When carpets are wet or damp, the fibres can become home to harmful dirt and bacteria. These elements can affect air quality if a carpet isn’t dried quickly enough after a flood. In most cases, this poor air quality can cause sneezing, eye irritation and congestion, making it vital to get carpets dried as soon as possible.

Avoid Foundation Damage

Some houses have a solid foundation that’s made of wood. When water seeps into a wooden foundation under carpeting, the grains can begin to rot. After enough water weakens the boards on a floor, the foundation can break. Fortunately, extracting water early and quickly before it has time to thoroughly soak the foundation can prevent extensive damage.

Control Pests 

Pests typically invade houses by crawling through gaps in wooden flooring and foundations. These gaps can form when water warps or damages vulnerable areas. Besides the main portion of a floor, such as carpet, flood waters can also destroy boards and planks, leading to cockroaches, mice and rats invading your home. However, you can stop pest invasions in a practical way by drying all flood water before it’s able to damage your home’s foundations or flooring.


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