How to Keep Office Desks Tidy

Keeping office desks tidy is important when it comes to working in an office. Organisation and tidiness can directly affect how you work, and it’s widely known that a clean office is a productive one. In order to keep your mind fresh, your office needs to be clean, clear and uncluttered.

Beyond keeping your own desk clean, there are some helpful tips you can pass on to your workers to ensure that the office is remaining as productive as it can be. If you think it’s time to de-clutter your office desks, or if you just want to find out some ways to keep them looking great, this article provides some helpful tips to get you started.
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Buy Smart

If you buy the correct desks for your workers, you shouldn’t find yourself feeling frustrated down the track about how unorganized office is. Office desks that are productive, efficient and worth your money will have adequate storage space that your employees can use to keep their desk tops tidy.

Reputable providers of office desks in Melbourne will stock a comprehensive range of desks for you to explore and choose from. Think practicality, comfort and the needs of your employees when you commence your search. You should also look for office desks that are designed to be useful and provide what your particular workplace needs. For example, if your workers work with a lot of hard-copy files and paper, desks with drawers are a good idea.

Utilise Storage Units

If your employees have a range of products or files that they need to keep on their desks or nearby for easy reach, invest in storage furniture that can help them out. Simple investments like storage shelves or filing cabinets can help keep office desks free from clutter and chaos.

Have Regular Clean Ups

One of the easiest ways to clean your office desks and keep them clean is by encouraging your workers to participate in regular clean ups. When you micro-manage your mess, it prevents you from eventually having to conduct a massive clean at a later time.

It’s a good idea to get your workers to clean their desks on a fortnightly or monthly basis to prevent office desks from becoming out of control. You can also suggest that your workers only keep the absolute essentials as desktop accessories. It’s easy to leave things on your desk, but the pile just keeps building, causing a messy working space over time.

Having a recycling bin in the vicinity of all of your workers can also help to get rid of any paper files that are being left on desktops.

Create a System for the Workspace

Sometimes it’s necessary to come up with a routine for your workers. For example, you can have folders for certain projects and ensure that your workers use them accordingly. This doesn’t only keep the files off your office desks, but also helps everything stay in order.

Using a stationery cabinet that contains necessary supplies like scissors, staplers and notepads can also ensure that these items aren’t cluttering office desks and contributing to a creative chaos.

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