How to plan a memorial Service

Life is uncertain. The only certainty is that all of us, regardless of race or religion, will die one day. How this happens, no one knows. No knows if a terminal illness would strike us or we would simply be hit by a passing motorcar one fine day. Dealing with a death is one of the most difficult experiences for those who are near and dear to the deceased. However, it needs to be done and people need to move on. You simply cannot continue to mourn forever. A memorial service is one way in which a person can achieve closure after the death of a loved one. But how do you plan one? If you have lost a loved one, worrying about the details of a memorial service would be the last thing you would want to be doing. So here is some tip to guide you and make your life easier.

A memorial service should always be held at the right time. Having them soon after funerals is a mistake as those who are closest to the deceased is still grieving. Attending a memorial service that is all about the deceased might be too overwhelming, if not too emotionally disturbing for these people. If it is held too late, people would have forgotten about the deceased and the point of holding a memorial service would be lost. By this time the loved ones of the deceased would have already moved on and the memorial service may only serve to open up old wounds. The right time depends from person to person, family to family. So speak to your immediate friends and family and together, determine the right time for the service.


When planning a memorial service for a loved one, one of the most important documents that you should consider would be his or her last will. While you may have definite ideas on how the memorial service should be, the deceased may also have had certain requirements stated in the last will. So if the deceased has made a last will, make sure to go through it so that you are not neglecting the last wishes of a dead person.

Now that you have a time, and the specific requirements of the deceased, the next step is to determine who should attend the memorial service. While a lot of people may want to attend the memorial service, sometimes it is difficult to accommodate a large number of people. Or the deceased would have wished for a memorial service with only close family and friends. Taking all this into consideration, you should make your guest list. Invitations should be sent in advance so that people can adjust their schedules to actually make it to the memorial service.

At last, determine what should happen at the memorial service. Each memorial service is different and there is no hard and fast rule as to how one should be. Go with your instincts and the wishes of the deceased and you will have a beautiful memorial service.

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