Your Guide to Buying Used Saddles

Whether you want to buy a second-hand saddle from a person or from a shop that offers used saddelry for sale, it’s smart to do some study in a few crucial places of the used saddle market. Information to purchasing utilized saddles is certain to get you began on the path to buying a quality used saddle.

Making Sure The Saddle Tree Isn’t Broken

The very first thing you need to look at when looking for a used saddle is the saddle tree or maybe the system of the saddle is made on. A saddle having a broken tree is worthless and rarely worth restoring the tree. The saddle tree ought to be tight with no issues when pressure is used during inspection.

Unless you feel safe looking at the saddelry for sale yourself, We suggest getting it to a saddle maker you trust to have these things verified for you. Many shops will happily check it for you free of charge and offer you their opinion. If you discover that the tree is damaged, it is better to not buy the saddle. Tree repair/replacement is an extremely costly and labor-intensive work and for some saddles it isn’t worth the price of repair.

Understanding What Brand The Saddle Is And If They Are Worth Repairing

If the saddle tree is of good quality, then from here you need to consider the maker of the saddle on the market. This is where adequate information is available on quality and the saddle will probably be worth. If the saddle is a brand name that you know, you then will have a concept of the standard of the saddle and could have some idea of what it is worth.

Usually, if you don’t know the brand of the saddle then it really is probably a lower quality saddle. These saddles often aren’t worth lots of money and will most likely result in problems with fitting your horse and also increased restoration cost.

Custom saddles might not have an identifiable name possibly, but these saddles tend to be of top quality and may have an increased used price if the owner understands what they are. Do some study right here and be sure you understand who constructed the saddle as well as what their new retail price is to ensure that you can make a much better decision on the used market value of the saddle.

The Cost Of The Saddle When Compared To Market Value

The last thing you need to take advantage when buying a saddelry for sale is to select whether a saddle is a great utilized saddle or not really is the price. Prices of used saddles for many people are even more of the spitball kind of math than a genuine equation. The flip part of this is that lots of people don’t understand how to price saddles so you can sometimes find a top quality custom saddle of a smaller known custom made saddle maker for a cost well below the accurate their market value.


The most important thing to keep in mind here is that investing in a “good used saddelry for sale” will depend on your understanding of the merchandise. It is really simple to make a mistake and purchase a used saddle for an excess amount of money with a damaged tree, leaving you with a saddle that’s useless rather than really worth repairing. On the market of used saddles, the purchase price you purchase a saddle and the quality of what you get is set only by your understanding of what you are buying and the individual selling the saddle understanding what they are worth it.

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