Booking a Third Party Meeting Space? Tips for You

Meetings can be already time-consuming, without having to worry about where to host it as well. But that is exactly the situation some companies, start-ups and small businesses, in particular, find themselves in. This is usually mainly because the office spaces they rent out at the start are quite limited in space as they are limited in funds, which makes things a little tricky when meetings need to be held. And as an up and coming business, you should be able to entertain each client that visits you, so you can try and work that lead to a sale. That, after all, is the bottom line. Such companies tend to book third party meeting spaces, which is actually a very effective alternative.

The Right Location

Just like you would put in quite a bit of effort to ensure you end up with the perfect location for your wedding, you need to put in some effort here too when it comes to location. You want to be sure that your meeting place is not terribly far from your office, and also centrally located so people can easily find it when they need to. Sure it can be a little away from the city, but all in all, it needs to be easily found that is the main thing. So look for the right location before all else.

Get a Proper Headcount

Do not hire meeting rooms just for the sake of it, you are wasting money for no good reason. You want to have an approximate headcount of the number of people coming, say 10-12 for instance. You can go ahead and set up the meeting space accordingly, instead of fitting too few people in a giant room and vice versa. You also want to be sure there are plenty of amenities for everyone, from whiteboards to toilets and pens for example.

Look For Facilities

Though you are booking a meeting room, not all companies want to use them for just discussions and so on. Some want to turn them into activity spaces where they host team building exercises, or for product demonstrations. You want to be sure that space is able to accommodate you accordingly, and that there will be staff on-hand to assist if need be with any of your requirements. It would not be convenient to leave your meeting unattended while you look for help, so this is critical.

Confirmation Request

Unexpected things and situations can happen at the last minute, they cannot be helped. But, you should still take in a confirmation request up until the meeting day, so you know what you are dealing with from the start. When people confirm their attendance, this also helps with what we said above about getting a proper headcount. You can then also arrange for refreshments for instance, with less hassle. So amongst all the other arrangements, you want to be sure that your headcount is as accurate as can be, with wiggle room for 1 or 2 to not turn up. That should help keep your expenses in check too.


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