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Coffee Cup Cups: Reasons You Will Love It

There is something somehow nostalgic about kitchen glassware. Maybe it is the grandma’s memory tempered glass dish, the Pyrex nesting bowls or the foods she made with them. And if you remember seeing glass storage jars in your grandparents’ or grandparents’ garage or basement, you are not alone. For years, people kept their home canned stuff in flimsy cardboard boxes and stacked the glass cups on top of each other in a dusty corner in forgotten rooms. These insufficient storage tricks made the glass jars vulnerable to breakage and exposure to contagion from rodents or insects; however, they were the sole methods people had.

History has it all; sooner or later the old is new again. Coffee cup manufacturers are producing high quality cups for your needs. Whether you are preserving or serving up you coffee, it is safe to say that glass containers have had resurgence. Let’s look at a few reasons why users love them.


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1. Glass is Freezer, Microwave and Fridge Friendly

The best choice for storing leftovers or reheating, glass cups can be transferred between the freezer easily, microwave and fridge. Why? Tempered or Borosilicate glass, which is glass that’s been strengthened during the production stage, is made to withstand drastic and sudden temperature changes. 4-7 times tougher than normal glass, it should be the glass used when temperature changes too much (like when heating and freezing) are required.

2. Glass Doesn’t Retain Odors

Thanks to its glossy, safe non-porous surface, glass does not absorb food or germs. It repels food odors and lingering flavors. Also, it can be washed at high temperatures safely in the dishwasher and used again and again without posing harmful risks to the surrounding or your health. You can be guaranteed that glass jar for food storage won’t leach chemicals when in touch with food.

3. Glass Saves Food Prep Time, Serving and Cleaning

Because glass food containers can be moved between the fridge and freezer, the oven and the tabletop, the time stress on food preparation and serving may be reduced drastically. While you are unlikely to put a meal in a plastic container on the kitchen table, coffee kept in a glass cups, taken from the oven and place on dining table is a different story indeed. Also, glass enables one to check food as it reheats because of the transparent clarity of the glass container. And when it’s time to clean, well you can pop glass into the dishwasher safely.

4. Glass is number one simple to recycle container

The fact about glass is that even when it is recycled repeatedly, the purity, quality and clarity don’t devalue. Glass is easily processed and the most available option of recycled container. A glass jar can go from the curbside recycling box, through the reproduction stream, re-made into a new jar and in use in as little as three weeks. Lighten the landfill load, go for glass storage options and do your part for the surrounding!

6. Glass Can Save You Some Money

It may be strange because eventually, glass storage containers are costly than plastic, but, glass will last longer. Thanks for those who have switched to glass storage for some years now. It is because glass really lasts. The truth that glass can be used and reused safely when storing hot liquids and food – for years – is genius.

Glass will help users save money though reducing waste as well; because these quality cups from professional Coffee cup manufacturers are clear, you can see what you are storing accurately and use your leftovers before they get spoiled to be thrown out.

Good glass coffee cups can be quite expensive. Price can differ greatly depending on quality and size. It is believed that the cost of pots, glassware, and pans are not affordable but it is friendly with the family health therefore it is worth your investment.  Essentially, the glass pot is replacing the metal cooking options gradually in many homes. The metal products, steel is vulnerable to poor quality staining and corrosion, cooking smells and retained traces from previous use, which produce toxic substances because of substance reaction in food contact these pot, very risky for human health.

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