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Great Natural Extracts That Will Help Nourish Skin and Bronze It Up

Getting enough sunlight is really good for your body and especially for your immune system. There is a reason why people say that standing in the early morning sun is good for health. Sunlight has a lot of Vitamin D producing qualities that will help you greatly. But there is also a limit on how much sun you get. Exposing yourself to really strong sunlight almost continuously every day for extended periods of time will result in negative health impacts. This is why you need to use some kind of protection like a sunscreen as well. However, there are natural products that can help you achieve that perfectly bronzed look you crave while also nourishing your skin and here they are:

Cold Pressed Avocado Essence

Avocado is, in general, a great fruit that not only has nutritional value but is also known to be one of the best moisturizers out there for your skin. If you can get hold of some cold pressed and unrefined avocado tanning oils that will be really great for your skin and will leave your skin feeling super supple as well.


Many of us have sensitive skin that will react adversely to chemicals that are harsh. Try to get coconut based products from reputed vendors that will protect your skin and also help in bronzing the skin at the same time. Coconut has a high content of fatty acids and also has a naturally formed SPF protection quality that is mild, which makes it one of the greatest healthy products out there for you to try.

Green Tea and Aloe Vera Extracts

Both green tea and Aloe Vera have one thing in common. They are both very rich in antioxidants which really is beneficial for your skin. They prevent sunburn so that you can try products that have these ingredients in them as a sunscreen as well. Besides they also help to bronze up your skin while removing the negative effects of high UV radiation which is exactly what you will need for hitting the beach. On the other hand, if you have a bad sunburn, using Aloe Vera will really help to soothe the burning feeling.

Hazelnut Extracts

Hazelnut extract is something that is found in almost every bronzing lotion that there is, especially because of the fact that it is naturally very rich in Vitamin E. it also has a very high fatty acid content just like in coconut and is therefore absorbed quite easily into the skin.

Olive Extracts

Another ingredient that has a lot of Vitamin E is olive. They are filled with natural antioxidants that also has a lot of soothing qualities that will not only help to nourish and moisturize your skin but will also help you to look sun-kissed perfectly. If you want something that is heavier on the bronzing side, you can look for products that have both carrot juice and olive extract in them. These are some of the natural essences that can help nourish your skin and also help you bronze up. The majority of products today will have these components so keep an eye out for any of these and enjoy lovely skin all through the summer months.

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