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What You Should Know Before Your First Visit to a Tanning Salon

So you’ve been toying with the idea of the sun-kissed look for some time but you are not sure how to go about getting it. Visiting your local tanning salon should not be stressful and if you’ve spoken to the regular salon-goers then it’s a fun and relaxing experience. Still, you may be curious and still have questions, such as on the kind of tanning products that are used and how often you will have to keep returning to maintain your golden skin shade. During the time that you do sport a darker shade, how best should you look after your skin for a healthy glow? Have no fear as we have covered those questions and more in the following breakdown of pointers to help you prepare for your first visit to a tanning salon.

Attend an Initial Discussion

Before you can actually get onto a tanning bed, any professional salon will invite first-time visitors to come to meet with in-house tanners. The discussion is nothing to worry about but is merely to get to know you and your skin. It is not unusual for a salon to have users sign a statement that implies that the tanning was done voluntarily and that you have understood the procedure fully. Next up you will have to fill out or inform the salon if you are under medication, if you are allergic to UV radiation or if you have sensitive skin. These questions are important to understand how you can go through a 1-hour tan at the salon or what sort of procedure would be best.  Those who are below 18 years will need to be accompanied by a guardian or parent. In such an instance the statement forms will then be filled out by the guardian.

Paper Work Done, Remember To Exfoliate

So you have had your initial consultation and signed the necessary paperwork and you’re ready for your first tan. However, there are a few things that you need to do before you actually set off for the salon. Your preparation for tanning begins at home. Much like a canvass that is prepared before it is painted to make sure the paint sticks your skin too needs some preparation. Begin by exfoliation the skin on your entire body in the shower.  While doing so make sure not to use soaps and scrubs that are too abrasive that will leave your skin pink and sensitive. Using a washcloth for this purpose is fine. The purpose is that the freshly exposed skin is what will be tanned.

Wear Clothing That Is Comfortable and Stays Hydrated

An important tip to remember is that as your body will be exposed to UVA rays, there is a tendency for your skin to dry up. Drink lots of water beforehand. Some salons offer an accompanying hydrating therapy so that your skin retains as much moisture as possible during the sessions. The hydrating sessions are similar to the feel of a sauna and can be quite relaxing.

Skin tanning is not a one-way destination and is more of a work in progress. This means you should not be surprised if you have to make several visits to get that golden hue you are looking for.

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