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Signs that Tell You to See an Eye Doctor Immediately

Not all eye conditions go away on their own. Some are warning signs for worse things to come. Here are a number of situations that require you to go see an eye doctor:


Inflammation in the eye can be caused by many things. Commonly, the eyes may get inflamed when infected with a virus like pink eye. Allergies also commonly cause swelling and redness in eyes. In other cases, inflammation could be indicative of a serious autoimmune disease. If you eye are reddish, paining, and severely dry or otherwise looks inflamed, you should go see an eye doctor immediately. Do not wash eyes with solution intended for viral infections without going to see a doctor first.

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Dark Spots

If you see a dark dot on the white part of your eye, like a tiny birth mark, that could be indicative of melanoma. There are two types of melanoma: benign and cancerous. You should go to an eye doctor to make sure that the dark spot you see is not actually cancerous. Some melanoma spots can be hard to spot, especially if you have brown eyes. Regularly visiting an eye doctor, or at least an optometrist, will help you spot these before it’s too late.

Migraines or Headaches

You may not think about vision problems when you get a headache. However, headaches or migraines can be related to vision problems as well. Commonly, headaches act as a warning sign for changing vision. So, if you have recurring headaches, you should see an eye doctor in addition to a general practitioner.

Blurry Vision

If you vision suddenly becomes blurry for extended periods, then that is a very serious issues. Blurry vision is often a sign of a major health issue. Te blurry vision may come and go, or may occur only in one eye. It’s very important to see an eye doctor to make sure the blurry vision is not being caused by a serious medical condition or impending vision loss.

Eye Pain or Fatigue

It may not be sleeplessness that is causing pain or unusual fatigue in your eyes. It’s very unusual to experience prolonged episodes of pain in the eye. So if you do, you must immediately see an eye doctor, or any doctor. Having allergies, cold or the flu can cause eye pain. But it’s a good idea to get it checked out to rule out a serious medical condition.

Visual Changes

If you see flashes of light suddenly, or if your vision floats or is obstructed without an environmental reason, you may be at risk for a serious vision disorder. Severe problems in the retina, such as tears, detachment or holes, can cause vision changes like flashes on light. If you feel like your vision is changing or if you are losing your vision, see an ophthalmologist without delay. It’s advisable to go to the ER if you can’t set up an appointment privately.
Also, if you find yourself squinting more than usual, then you should go in for an eye exam. Squinting is your body’s response to eye disorders in many cases.

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