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How Theravent Works To Manage Your Sleep Apnea Condition

Today, in the market, you will find numerous devices and methods that suggest how you can eliminate snoring. Although most people have no problem with snoring or find it to be of no major concern, it can result to fatal health conditions. Since it happens at the throat, the vibrations can be severe in such a way that they affect your blood vessels. When blood vessels around the neck are affected, the heart and brain are also affected.

A solution to this is thus the best way to prevent any other damage that may come as a result of sleep apnea. So how does Theravent work to help overcome your snoring? Is it safe and has it been proven to work? In 2012, this device was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is placed below the nose to help with breathing out. It works as follows:

It opens up the nasal airway

It helps to cure nose snoring disorders. Remember that different snorers have different types of snoring. You may be a mouth snorer, nose snorer or throat snorer. Theravent is a sticky pad which is placed under the nose to help with smooth breathing. It opens up the upper airway to help clear the airway and thus allow smooth breathing. Once the airway is open, you can freely breathe while sleeping and thus enjoy your nights. Sleep apnea is a serious condition and can lead to other conditions when left untreated.

It restricts your breathing out

Breathing out is what makes the vibration to happen. In that case, this device helps to control the air that is coming out of your lungs. At the throat region, the air will meet obstacles which will restrict the smooth flow of air out of the lungs. Luckily, Theravent offers a way out by restricting the breathing out and thus offers a smooth way for air to come out. During this process, you get to control your snoring and thus free from sleep apnea.

It prevents the tongue from collapsing

The whole process is made possible when you are breathing out. The device does not affect how you breathe in. However, when you breathe out, it increases the pressure in your upper airway. This aims to hold the tongue, muscles, and tissues in position, such that they do not collapse when you breathe out. As a result, they do not vibrate which minimizes the snoring.

Reduces the vibration

Theravent expands the airway wide enough to help you breathe out without vibrating the throat tissues. This is one way it helps you to deal with your condition. Due to the high pressure, it creates along the airway, you will have an easy time when breathing out. It slows down how fast you breathe out to help increase pressure and prevent the vibration which results to snoring.

A peaceful night will help spouses interact and grow healthy in their relationship. With this device, you can achieve that if you have a snoring partner. Sleep apnea can be controlled if you have the right snoring device at your disposal.

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