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Types of Services Offered by In Home Care Providers

When it comes to seniors, they don’t all have the same problems with each other; some can move well by have poor memory or some illness. First make sure that you know exactly what the senior wants before you decide to meet with potential care givers.

Generalizing the needs of seniors can be a very big mistake which could lead to some of them not getting the right care that they need. When making a decision to get specialized services for seniors, its important to also consider their opinion –not every senior is completely incapable. There are different types of services that you can get for a senior. This will depend on several factors such as the way that the elderly in question has aged. In home services not only offer specialized care, but they also give the senior the chance to stay close to family. For you to know what your parents really need, you first need to understand the different types of services that are offered:

  • Nursing Services

The first and most common type of services that are offered by most care givers are the nursing services. If your parents are ill and you prefer having them at home, you will need to find a registered or practical nurse. In home services are not as expensive as those of a nursing home, but they tend to consume some of your time too. The nursing services will include things such as the administration of medicine, observation and pain management among others. These services are vital and they can play a very big role in ensuring that the senior under care live a long and comfortable life.


  • Personal Care Services

If your parents still have most of their faculties intact, you might not need to get the nursing services. On the other hand, they might require assistance in doing some personal things. These services include things such as having the in home support help your parents to bath and get dressed. If they are on medication, the care givers can ensure to remind them when its time to take it. Food preparation and nail clipping are other types of personal services that you can hire a care giver for. Though the family can get involved in all these, you can opt to hire some outside help especially if you are always busy at work.

  • Doing Chores

Last but not least, you need to make sure that the house that your seniors are in is always clean. If your parents live alone, there are some house chores that they might have a hard time working on. It’s therefore important that you look for in house support that you can rely on. Some of the chores that you should hire the help for include mopping the house, going laundry, vacuuming and sweeping. A good care provider is able to keep up with any chore demands arising in the house. Just make sure that you both agree on the chores to be completed before you hire them.

With different types of in home support, you need to make sure that you get the right one. Having all the services will cost you a lot of money –especially if you don’t actually need them all. Even if you are working to pay the bills for your parents, it would be great if you got to spend time with them just catching up.

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