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Guide To Choosing The Best Bedding For Your Room

You walk into a department store and take a stroll down the bedding section, and you will be in awe of how large the section is; it is packed with different types of sheets, pillows and bedding items in a range of colors to select from. Going into this aisle is bound to make you a little flustered about not knowing which type of bedding should be used on your bed. To make this process much easier it is best to do some research and get to know at least the definitions of each item, thus helping with the selection of the right item. Whether you are looking for linen, pillows, or duvets, the list below will help you make the perfect bed.

Top And Bottom Sheets

The top sheet as the name states is a flat sheet that is placed to separate you from your quilt cover blanket or comforter. The bottom sheet, on the other hand, is a sheet with an elastic edge that is used to fit over the mattress that you have in place. The mattresses we have today are not what they used to be, they have grown much thicker and larger in size making it important that you properly measure the mattress before going ahead and buying the bottom sheet. You do not want to bring home the new bottom sheet only to find out that it does not stretch all the way over the mattress, thus having to deal with the stress of going back to get replacements.

Coverlets & Bedspreads

A coverlet is usually put on top of the other sheets, but is not large enough to cover the pillows and does not reach to touch the floor. Quilts and other woven coverlets fall under this category as well. Coverlets and bedspreads usually come in decorative fabrics bringing in a beautiful touch to your bed. The only difference between bedspreads and coverlets is that bedspreads cover the entire bed including the pillows and are also large enough to touch the floor.

Blankets And Comforters

Putting blankets on to your bed is mostly for warmth during colder seasons. Some people may also use blankets on its own, but others prefer to top it with a quilt or comforter which has a more decorative effect for a more attractive setting. The comforter, on the other hand, is a cover that is stuffed with fibers and sewn on all four sides to give it thickness ideally used during the cold season. Comforters come in many colors and patterns and are used as a bed topper in most countries.


A duvet is considered to be rather similar to a comforter, but it tends to require a duvet cover whereas a comforter is used on its own. A duvet usually comes in white and rarely in many colours, and like the comforter is made out of fiber stuffed and sewn together.

There are many other types of bedding available in the market, but the ones mentioned in this article are what are most commonly used in households.

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