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What You Need to Know About Town Planning and Building Permits

Before you start building anything, it’s important to remember that every action comes with a consequence. Town planning and building permits are just some of the aspects of building that you need to keep in mind. Before you can build essentially anything, you need a building permit and planning permit. Building is an exciting and somewhat exhausting project that requires careful research and consideration before any big decisions are made.

Let’s break down exactly what town planning and building permits are so you can be well prepared for your next exciting adventure.

Town Planning

Town planning involves the control of building and construction developments and the essential planning or consideration of resources. Town planning is conducted by professional planners that work to develop strategies and build our cities to match our interests, needs and expectations. It also means to plan for the future.

This might seem like a confusing concept. Essentially, a town planner’s job is to monitor and balance our environment – both man-made and natural – and ensure that we are taking the necessary measures to keep community needs, cultural significance, sustainability and the overall quality of life for the community in mind.
Town planning unites professionals like architects, surveyors, engineers, environmental scientists and more to ensure that they’re keeping up with the trends, demands and changes of the community in terms of population, size, culture and more.

Building Permits

A building permit is essentially a document from a registered building surveyor indicating that you can go ahead with your building plan. A building permit identifies that your building plans comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and their specific requirements for designing and developments.

You can obtain building permits through professional building surveyors, and depending on the project, they can be generally pretty quick to get. The surveyors will assess your plans and conduct inspections. If everything looks alright and you reach all of the requirements, they will then issue you a building permit.

Building permits are a necessary part of developments, as they help to ensure that you’re complying with legal requirements, meeting regulations, verifying that builders are properly registered and insured, and ensuring that your development is being planned in alliance with a planning permit.
A building permit will only be granted if the plan is completely satisfactory and all documents are correct.

When Are Town Planning and Building Permits Necessary?

Planning permits and building permits are both completely necessary when wanting to carry out a new building construction or development. Planning permits are legal documents indicating that you are allowed to use the specified land for your development. These permits could be required by your local council or community, but they aren’t always a requirement.

To be safe, it’s a good idea to look into both town planning and building permits before you make any decisions. This will ensure you don’t get anything wrong or make any frustrating mistakes that could cause unnecessary delays.

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