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Tips for Buying Comfy and Stylish Bed Sheets

We spend a third of our lives on the bed (more if you read on the bed). So it’s quite important that the bed has the best sheets your budget can afford. Here are several practical tips for buying the best sheets that will look gorgeous during daytime and feel like heaven at night:

Spend Money on the Right Material

Don’t waste your money on bed sheets made from dirt cheap material. These sheets would not last long and would lost color with each. Instead, you can ensure quality, comfort, and durability with finer material for bed lined. Cotton is the most commonly used and preferred. Cotton sheets are smooth and strong. For a deluxe feeling, you can choose silk or linen sheets. Linen sheets are highly popular because they are cooling and do last for decades. Silk offers a signature velvety smooth feeling, and these sheets are naturally warming.

Choose the Right Size

It’s very important that the sheets you buy are the right size. Don’t buy regular-sized sheets when the bed needs king doona covers. Sizes are rather standard across different brands and regions, so you can always rely on the measurements. But make sure you know the right sized sheets your bed needs. Do take a measuring tape and start measuring away if you don’t know exactly the type of sheets your bed needs.

Save Money for Egyptian Cotton

Those 100% Egyptian cotton sheets aren’t just a marketing gimmick. The material is the best quality known to humans. Don’t confuse Egyptian cotton with regular cotton you can buy for cheap. Regular cotton is mostly grown in the U.S. and is quite rough to the touch. Egyptian cotton is a much finer material that actually gets softer and better with age. When you buy an Egyptian cotton sheet once, it would last a lifetime. The material only improves with each wash. Egyptian cotton is crazy expensive, but the price is well worth it given its durability and comfort levels. If you want to impress as a sleepover guest, then Egyptian cotton is definitely the material to go with.

Mix Up Colours of the Sheets

Is your bed covered in old white sheets? Boring. You are not living at a hotel, so up the decor in your bedroom and make yourself feel good by using multicolor solids. It’s easy enough to do. Get three sets from solid colored sheets from one brand. Then mix up the sets to distribute the shades. Now each set would look like a work of art on the bed. Your bed will look beautiful in the morning when made, and at night you would only feel more welcome to sleep instead of streaming a show.

Add Flannel and Wool Throws to the Bed

A comfy solution for winter, flannel, and wool are great materials to snuggle in bed on cold nights. In winter, you would naturally add more layers to bed. When you do so, mix up the materials as well. Choose velvety and soft materials to add warmth and coziness to your bed. Faux fur throws and pillows would be a great addition as well. And there are definitely cheap wool and flannel sheets that won’t break the bank for budget shoppers.

Final pro tip: If you are unfamiliar with a brand, go to a store and get a feel for the sheet material. If you like it, you can go home and start shopping online.


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