Available Types of Commercial Food Equipment

From gas powered combi ovens that can roast chickens and steam clams through to deep fryers that can cook French fries to perfection, there’s a wide range of commercial food equipment currently on the market. This article will take a look at some of the more commonly used pieces of commercial food equipment available and detail what each is most often used for.

Combi Oven

One of the most versatile pieces of commercial food equipment available, the combi oven serves as both a convection oven and a steam cooker. But that’s not all it can do – it can also combine these functions, meaning that the chef gets the best of both worlds and can produce food that’s both crispy and moist. A popular piece of commercial food equipment in restaurant kitchens, the combi oven is perfect for baking, roasting, grilling and steaming. What’s more, combi ovens are available in gas and electric varieties and generally come with great features such as high-resolution touch screens, multiple cooking modes, humidity controls and automatic cleaning programs.

Pasta Cookers

While pasta cookers can be used to prepare pasta, they’re also capable of making a range of other types of food, including noodles, rice, dumplings, and even vegetables. Popular in Italian and Chinese restaurants, pasta cookers are available in both electric and gas models and often come with features such as flame failure devices, power settings, and easy to use control panels that make cooking pasta a breeze.


Suitable for a wide range of cooking applications, fryers are a necessity in fast food restaurants due to their ability to cook foods quickly and thoroughly. Many fryers on the market today boast energy-efficient performance capabilities and are very economical to run. This commercial food equipment is also available in electric and gas varieties, plus there’s a range of styles and sizes to choose from. Fryers can additionally boast a number of great features that are user-friendly and designed to simplify and improve the cooking process. Used to cook everything from French fries through to chicken drumsticks, fryers often feature programmable control systems, LED displays, built-in filtration systems and more.


Grills are another must-have for those who work in the fast food industry. Perfect for cooking hamburgers and a wide range of other food products, grills come in a variety of styles and can range in size from single through to triple cooking zones, meaning there’s sure to be a grill for most commercial kitchen sizes. Grills are available in both electric and gas varieties.

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyer ovens, as the name suggests, feature a conveyor that food is placed on, with the food being cooked as it passes through the oven. Perfect for cooking a range of different foods and available in various sizes, conveyor ovens are a must for any pizza parlor that needs to produce pizzas that are cooked quickly and perfectly. It can also be used to cook other dough-based foods, such as garlic bread.

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