4 Gift Suggestions For 4 Types Of Girlfriends You Would Come Across

When you are in a love relationship you complain about the shortcomings of your partner and when you are single you long to date another one or the old one again. When two hearts come close to each other, initially everything seems rosy and then when you start really knowing each other, you are left with agony and complaints. Still, you don’t fall sick of entering this zone. And that’s wholly because we all love the sensation of love. And gift is one of the most important thing in love relationship. To help you a bit in this area I have listed six gift ideas for six types of girlfriends.


I cannot move a pin without him

Guys get irritated by these type of girlfriends who cannot do literally anything without their boyfriends. But you guys also cherish the love and attention these girls shower on you. Even when her friends have planned an all-girls night out, she exactly knows how to spoil it by bringing her boyfriend unannounced. So, for this category, book a whole day and night with her as a Valentine gift for girlfriend. Spend the day in shopping, evening in Movie Theater, and night in terrace just in company of each other.

The beauty queen girls

No doubt God has made a woman with a perfect engineering and each woman is beautiful. But again there are some girls who take this beauty very seriously. They wake up to clean her sandalwood mask and sleeps with cucumber on their eyes. Even when their boyfriend is romancing with them, she would constantly check her lip gloss and eye make-up. To impress these girls, a shopping day in some designer house would be great.

The girls who is never sure of plans

Yes there are girls who are either confused or too busy whenever you ask them for a party or a formal date. She would remember about her childhood friend or reunion of school/college, but never commit for a date with you. She would assure you that she loves you but somehow you feel that she doesn’t spend that extra time with you. So, just drop at her place with all the requirements of a party and she would be flattered and bound to spend time with you for sure or you can make a secret plan to go for a romantic movie with her along with taking her to favorite foodie place which she like most like KFC or Mc D.


The more buddy and less girlie

This is that block of girls whose boyfriends are their best friends or buddies. This is perhaps the happiest couple because they behave most like friends with proper quotient of romance in times of need. Generally, they don’t nag or complain like normal couples. These girls are their boyfriend’s best mate in crime and that’s why they are crazy for these girls. For this girlfriend, a long drive with beers and snacks stuffed in the backseat of your car would be a fabulous Valentine gift idea for girlfriend.

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