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Providing Parking Services to a Shopping Mall

You may have noticed that a lot of shopping malls have their own car parks instead of people parking elsewhere and then walking to the mall. It is also important to note that most of these malls contract the job of running the car park to an outside third party. The third party gets to keep a certain amount of the profit and the mall gets a certain amount of the profit. If you are the third party that provides parking services to malls, then this article is something that you should definitely read till the very end. There are many things you have to make note of when you make the decision to provide parking services to shopping malls. This is because; there are so many responsibilities that come along with it. You cannot just give the mall a big space to park and then receive the profits. There are other things that you have to take care of as well. For an instance, if you want things to operate the way you want, then you will have to provide personnel for this as well. You cannot expect the mall to provide people and then run things your way. If there is a certain way you’re parking tickets etc work, then you have to ensure that you take care of this. Here are some tips you can follow.

Ensure the Vehicles are Safe

Car parking

As someone offering car parking services, it is your duty to ensure that the vehicles parked in your lot are kept safe at all times. This is very important if the parking lot is an open space and it very accessible to people outside. For this purpose, you can hire employees who are experienced in the field and if they are not, then you can give them security training. This way, they will be up to date on the latest equipment and technology regarding such safety measures and they will also know what needs to be done. Therefore, ensure that you hire those who know what they are doing and can guarantee the safety of the vehicles. This is important, especially if you are charging money for parking.

Have a Valid Contract

It is very important to have a valid contract with the owners of the mall and your company that is providing the parking spot. This is because, if something goes wrong regarding anything, then you can ensure that you are not treated in an unfair manner. Furthermore, if there is any liability that you want to evade, then it is important that you state all this in the contract that you will sign. This way, you will not have to worry about anything. Furthermore, if there is any liability you want to evade in terms of the people parking their vehicles, then you have to ensure that this is printed at the back of the ticket. This way, they cannot state that you did not inform them.

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