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Safety Tips for Office Chairs

Office chairs are essential pieces of furniture that are found in almost all workplaces. Like all pieces of office furniture, it’s important for office chairs to be used in a particular manner if they’re to be used safely. When office furniture is used incorrectly, there’s a risk of injury to the user, and it can also result in a loss of productivity. This article will provide information on the correct use of office chairs and detail tips that will minimise the risk of injuring yourself in the office.


Using Your Chair at the Right Height

Having office chairs set to the right height and adjusted properly is the best way to get off to a good start in regards to chair safety. This is commonly overlooked, as most people simply pull out a chair and sit down on it, but when it comes to height adjustable office chairs, it’s important to ensure that they’re set at the right height for the user. If an office chair height is set correctly but the desk is too high, you should lower the desk height or adjust and raise the height of the chair and use it in conjunction with a footrest. The use of a footrest can help make up the height difference when feet are above the ground.

It’s a good idea to combine chair and desk adjustments to position the work you have to do at elbow height. If you spend all day writing, you should adjust the chair height so you’re positioned to write ergonomically without putting a strain on your arms and wrists. Situations to avoid are having the thighs wedged between the chair and the desk’s surface and having the knees constantly bumping into the front of the desk. If this happens, then the desk is either too low or the chair is too high, and adjustments will need to be made.

Avoiding Incorrect Use

It can be tempting to zoom around the workplace on office chairs, and many office workers have been guilty of this in the past. But while it may seem like a bit of harmless fun, the fact is that office chair misuse can be very dangerous and lead to a range of painful and costly injuries. Racing a colleague in an office chair can easily lead to a fall, and even something as innocent as leaning back on a chair can result in a broken arm. It’s also important to never stand up on office chairs – especially swivelling ones with wheels. While it may sound obvious, this is how many injuries occur. If you have to reach something high up, use a step ladder that’s been designed for reaching items stored up high.

In Summary

By using your office chair at a correctly adjusted height, you’ll be able to ensure superior comfort and ergonomics, helping to increase productivity. You can also improve office safety and prevent the risk of injury by using office chairs only for their intended use.

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