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Weight and Other Factors that Influence Your Wellness

When you develop a health condition, whether it is minor or something more serious, the common things your doctors will question on is your diet practices, your professional life, or your habits or lifestyle factors, which are often used to determine a possible cause for your condition. However, you must know that there are smaller things that can play major roles in such cases, and so they need to be considered carefully along with all the other factors mentioned above. One of these important contributors is your BMI, or Body Mass Index.

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Importance of BMI

Measuring your BMI is important and is something you should pay attention to often. Your BMI can actually determine many factors related to your health and wellness. It is one of the first things that would be looked at when you go for your regular checkups, and before prescribing certain treatments for any illness. On the other hand, it could be a key contributory factor or cause for many health conditions you are facing.

A Key Determinant

Your BMI determines the relationship between your weight and your height. Ideally, you will require having a body weight that matches your height. If your body weight is lower than it should be (in relation to your height) you will be considered underweight. At the same time, if it is higher than required, you are likely to be overweight. In case you didn’t know about this and you are wondering where you stand, you can look up the web for BMI charts that will show you the ideal BMI you should be having according to your gender, weight, and height. Or, you can look for an accurate online BMI calculator where you can enter your information and obtain exact results of your current physical state.

The Role of Diet

Having looked at your BMI, your doctor may tell you if the readings are perfect. If not, you may be either under or overweight. Even if that is the case, you need not worry. Striking a good balance between your height and weight is greatly influenced by diet and lifestyle. In case you found that you aren’t at the right mark on your BMI, you simply need to start working on the factors that will help bring about the change you want. The first thing you’d do is eat healthily and eat right. This, in fact, applies to any case, whether you need to increase or decrease your weight. Diet practices are key to not maintain a healthy weight. Also, it isn’t just about what you eat, but your diet practices, too. How much you eat and how often, and what you do just before and after a meal is a few little things that can greatly affect your weight, as well as your overall health.

A Combined Approach

Physical activity is as equally important as your diet. You need to have exercises planned out, on a daily basis. Physical activity has the same effect as diet does on your health and wellbeing. A lack of activity will lead to complications while being physically fit can solve most of them.

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