Best ERP Suites for Mid-Sized Companies

Thinking about investing in an ERP system for your medium-sized business? Here is a list of the best available to choose from:

SAP Business ByDesign

This is the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to be available for midsized businesses. Business ByDesign is a completely hosted suite for the midmarket. The system can support few users as well as a lot more. For example, this system can easily support less than 10 users, but dozens more as well if needed. Capabilities include finance and accounting, compliance, supplier relationship management, project management, managing customer relations, and human resources. The biggest perk of this program is that it’s designed for small to medium sized businesses. Pricing is therefore affordable. Also, it comes with 24/7 customer support.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP and AX

Microsoft dynamics systems are possibly the most popular SaaS systems in the world right now. NAV, intended for midsized companies, is rather popular for its simplicity, flexibility and the ability to be customised. The functionality is definitely worth the price. The biggest advantage of these programs is that the UI is very easy to use, and also can be customised to fit uniquely to each client. If the company is in the larger midmarket range, you can use GO or AX. The differences in price depend on the number of users. Microsoft Dynamics programs are truly capable of keeping your business on track and well connected to the latest developments in the market.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle’s E-Business Suite is one of the most respected ERP systems for the middle market. This suite is specially designed for companies in the manufacturing sector. As a result, the suite supports a variety of capabilities that fit this industry quite well. Capabilities include performance management, product procurement and lifecycle management, asset management, customer relation management, business intelligence, chain management, and many more. The suite is also cloud capable, so you can get global access to data gathered. Costs are not too expensive either and are based on the number of people being supported.

Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine is another ERP system aimed at manufacturing businesses. It can be implemented via cloud or on site. The software supports 5 to 350 users with ease. There are a host of capabilities to get excited about. Manufacturers can particularly benefit from features like complex product configuration, materials management, mixed-mode manufacturing, customer management, and advanced scheduling. The price can run up to about $100, 000, but it’s worth it considering the capabilities.

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP system was once known as Vista and Vantage. The software has undergone a brand reinvention and is now available for medium sized companies. This suite can support up to 1,000 users. There are useful features such as manufacturing management, business intelligence, inventory tracking, and supply chain management. More importantly, the suite is available in industry-specific customisations, including for retail and hospitality sectors. Package prices can run up to $500, 000, but can be made flexible.

Buying just the right ERP solution for your company can be a challenge. Therefore, navigate through the above suggestions and choose the one that’s best for your business.

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