Things to Take On Your Camping Trip

When you are preparing for a camping trip you are bound to lose focus and forget some of the important things. Going off for a few days with your family can be an adventure that makes you so excited that you sometimes leave out some items that you must have in your bag. To make things easy it is best to start early when packing. Before you can actually start packing it is best to make sure that you sit down and discuss the days you are going for, the things you will need and make a list. This way you will not forget something. After the list has been making sure you delegate teams to work and pack the items accordingly. After the things are all gathered the adults have to make sure that they sit and go through the things so as to double check what is missing if anything is. Once you have done this you will be in a better position to move forward easily. Here are some items that you must have on your list.


Image Source – Pixabay


The Power Supply for All Your Equipment

Yes it is a camping trip and you possibly want to run with the wind and carry only firewood and matchboxes, but the reality of things will not allow us to move that way. There will always be the need for you to use some device that will require energizer batteries. Be it your torch lights, lanterns, headlamps and emergency kits for the car or even simple gadgets. So make sure you pack a few of these power cells in your bag so that you can use them when the need comes up. Having them for emergencies is also a good idea. Not only are they long lasting they are also safe and leak proof. So you can carry them in your backpack not having to worry too much.


Maps and Other Directors

Whether you have a GPS system in your car or your phone you will soon come to realise that deep in your campsite you might not be able to work these things. You are going to rely on a map and a compass. So before you set off to make sure that you learn well to read the maps and to use a compass if you already don’t know how.


Pocket Knives and Matches

If you know how to start a fire using sticks and stones then you are in a great position out in the woods, but if you don’t you should make sure you carry some matches so that you won’t struggle with a fire when the temperature starts to drop. You will also need to take some sort of a pocket knife with a few options on them so that you can open bottles, unscrew corks and cut up ropes and other things. These a small things that can fit in your bag with no issue. So make sure that you don’t forget them. Even if you want to try to light a campfire without the matches, it is best to carry some with you just in case.

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