Top 5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Kodaikanal that You Will Love

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal has much to offer to the tourists including granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills. People also know Kodaikanal as “Princess of Hill stations”. Kodaikanal attracts a great number of tourists from around the world and has a lot of beautiful places including Kodaikanal Lake, Green Valley View (Suicide Point), Kurinji Andavar Temple, Coakers Walk, Pine Forest, Berijam Lake, Pillar Rocks and more.


Tourists visit Kodaikanal throughout the year. Though, September to May is considered the best time to visit the city of Kodaikanal when the weather is at its best. You need at least 2-3 days from your busy schedule to cover all the major attractions of Kodaikanal.

There are a lot of good resorts near Kodaikanal for a luxurious and affordable stay. You should book your stay accommodation beforehand so that you do not face any problem later on for finding a resort of your choice.


The list of some of the beautiful places that you can not afford to miss in the hill station of Kodaikanal:

Berijam Lake:

Berijam Lake is a reservoir located near Kodaikanal, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. This lake is located at the distance of 23 km from Kodai bus stand. It is a beautiful and tranquil lake.

Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is positioned within a reserved forest region. You need to get special permission from district forest office to visit this lake. Only limited vehicles are allowed in a day during the peak season. The lake is used for providing drinking water that is why no water sports activities are allowed. You will find that the route to this lake is more scenic than the lake itself. Berijam Lake is open all days of the week from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.


Kodaikanal Lake:

People also know Kodaikanal Lake as Kodai Lake. This is a star-shaped lake which is surrounded by the hills. Kodai Lake is located at the distance of 3 km from Kodai bus stand. This manmade lake was developed by the Britishers and early missionaries from the United States Amateur Snowboard Association.

Kodaikanal Lake

The person who was solely responsible for the creativity and resources of magnificent Kodai Lake was Vera Levinge. This is one of the most visited places in Kodaikanal so you can not afford to miss Kodai Lake. You need at least 2 hours of your day to explore this lake. You can enjoy the boat rides on this lake. You can also hire bicycles, tandem bikes, horses for a ride around the lake. You can visit the Kodai Lake anytime from 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


Pillar Rocks:

Pillar Rocks is located at the distance of 7.5 km from Kodai Lake. This place is named as Pillar Rocks because it has three vertically positioned boulders of around 400 ft height.

Pillar rocks

This is a beautiful and famous picnic spot. The view of pillar-shaped rocks is worth watching so you must visit this place. You need at least 1-2 hour to explore Pillar Rocks. You can visit this place anytime from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. You have to pay a nominal charge to visit this place.


Green Valley View:

Earlier, Green Valley View was known as Suicide Point. It was known as Suicide Point because of the dangerous valley which is dense and deep. This point is positioned at the distance of 5.5 km from Kodaikanal Lake. This point offers you a mesmerizing view of the plains, hills, deep valleys and Vaigai dam.

Green Valley View

On the way to the Green Valley View, you will find several shops from which you can buy ornaments, homemade chocolates, and a variety of flowers. The ideal time to visit this place is from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You need at least 2 hours of your day to enjoy the view of this point. This place is open all days of the week from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. There is no entrance fee for visiting Green Valley View.

Kurinji Andavar Temple:

Kurinji Andavar Temple is a magnificent temple which is located at the distance of 5 km from Kodai bus stand. This temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, the God of Hills.

Kurinji Andavar Temple

In Tamil literature, the word Kurinji means hill region and the word Andavar means God which makes it very clear that the temple is dedicated to the God of Hills. From this temple, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the Palani hills and Vaigai dam. You can visit this temple anytime from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Kodaikanal is one of the most visited places in Tamil Nadu. Browse good resorts near Kodaikanal and do the pre-booking if you are planning to visit sometime soon.

Have a wonderful time in Kodaikanal amidst the hills!

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