Why Volunteer in Costa Rica?

You have just graduated from high school or college and want to explore the world, but your budget isn’t quite up to the level of your dreams. You have a bucket list of places you simply have to see, and as you begin looking up plane tickets, accommodations, and activities, you realize there is simply no way in the world you are ever going to see anything further than a few hundred miles away from your home. World travel is simply impractical on a student’s budget. Or is it?

There is a little known opportunity out there that is absolutely perfect for the young traveler seeking adventure in exotic locations in a safe and organized manner. Individuals can use this technique to travel safely alone, and ensure they understand the location they are visiting. Imagine having a safe place to sleep, someone to pick you up at the airport and assist in scheduling all other necessary transportation, knowing your meals are taken care of, and having someone to turn to for questions about where to go on your time off. This is one benefit of giving a few hours a day to volunteer Costa Rica.


Feeling wonderful about how much you have helped another in need can also be a tremendous reward for choosing to use your vacation to teach children how to play sports, speak English, or learn other valuable skills. Adult teaching opportunities also abound and for the adventurous or environmentally focused individuals there are also wildlife, or conservation specific projects available. Volunteer Costa Rica opportunities are very diverse and provide you with many scheduling options depending on the number of hours you prefer to work, and how long you want to stay in the country.

Christine Clark says: “I love what they stand for and their emphasis on making such a trip affordable and they were there every day with me.”

Many who choose to take on a volunteer Costa Rica opportunity speak of life changing experiences, a new outlook on life and what is truly important, and a new understanding of how a single person can impact the quality of life for others. Not only can you afford the vacation of your dreams, you can also assure yourself and your parents that you are being safe and responsible about planning. You will gain the experience of Spanish language immersion and can choose many aspects of your stay to create your very own perfect adventure. There is plenty of time for you to explore on your own all of the amazing offerings of Costa Rica and you will always remember the faces of those lives you have touched with your generous spirit.

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